Our paper on how baobabs came from Africa to India just published in RSOS

Our paper on the history of introduction of the baobab, Adansonia digitata, from Africa to the Indian subcontinent and beyond, was published yesterday, 9th September, in the September issue of Royal Society Open Science. It is the first systematic biogeographic study ever done on the African baobab’s distribution outside the African continent, and in particular, in the Indian subcontinent and Indian Ocean region combining genetic analysis and historical information on trade and other social networks.

It is Open Access, so please download it from the RSOS website!


Another paper that combines the results of the genetic and historical analysis with the cultural traces associated with the  African diaspora in India was published earlier this year in Environment and History, Vol 21 (1).

If you want a copy of this paper, get in touch with Priya or Karen, and we’ll send it to you!